Shameful verdict for IRL, will the Judicial Council wake up, or will we have to be ashamed in Strasbourg and pay for the judicial mistakes?


The judgment against IRL, which states that IRL is not a media, and IRL journalists are not journalists and that they must not present themselves as such and create journalistic products is not only scandalous!

This judgment violates the Constitution and Article 16 which prohibits censorship, violates international conventions that guarantee freedom of expression (eg Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights) that the country has undertaken to respect, and other laws from the domestic legislation .

Instead of a protector of the law, the rights and freedoms of citizens, among which freedom of expression is one of the most elementary, with this verdict, the court is placed in the role of a violator of laws and rights.

I have no doubt at all that this verdict, if the higher courts in the country do not intervene, will fall like a pear in Strasbourg.

What amazes and emerges as an important question in this whole situation is: Where is the Judicial Council and what is it doing in this regard?

Among the competences of the Judicial Council is “to monitor and evaluate the work of judges”, “to select and dismiss judges”, and “to decide on determining the responsibility of a judge and president of a court”.

What will he say and will the Judicial Council do anything about this scandalous verdict? Will we finally see concrete steps that could contribute to restoring the destroyed trust in the courts, which is a consequence, above all, of such scandalous verdicts?

Or will we wait for the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to decide on it, and then the damage, again, will be paid from the country’s budget, that is, we will all pay it?

(the column is the personal opinion of the author)

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