Project – TV show for debunking disinformation and false news

In September 2022, IMA signed a small grant agreement with the US Embassy in North Macedonia to implement a 9-month project (September 2022 – May 2023) to produce and broadcast 24 episodes of the weekly TV show “Polygraph” on debunking disinformation and false news, implemented in cooperation with national TV station Alsat. 24 episodes of the project were aired in prime time – every Monday at 19:45, right after the main news, and reruns were aired every Thursday within the morning program of TV Alsat. “Polygraph” ranked among the top three most successful shows on TV Alsat, with an average of about 80,000 viewers per show, which is a proof for the success of the project and shows that the mainstream audiences are interested in debunking disinformation. In addition, about 140 stories on “Polygraph” were republished by about 20 popular portals in Macedonian and Albanian language.